Revolutionising Bulk Material Handling with RadianSkip

When it comes to seamless and efficient bulk material handling from source to port, Radian Engineering is your trusted partner. With more than a decade of dedicated expertise, we have pioneered the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of the RadianSkip, a game-changer in the industry.

A Decade of Excellence

For more than 13 years, Radian Engineering has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional solutions in the bulk material handling sector. Our commitment to innovation and precision has made the RadianSkip a symbol of reliability and excellence.

Precision at Every Angle

The RadianSkip isn’t just a skip; it’s a result of expert engineering. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it adheres to exacting standards, setting the bar as the new industry standard for bulk material handling.

Spreader Beams: Heavy Lifting with Confidence

Our range of spreader beams, each with a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 35 tonnes, is specially designed and approved for the safe loading and transportation of heavy ores, including manganese, from sidings to port.

Environmental Responsibility

At Radian Engineering, we understand the importance of sustainability. Our RadianSkips are engineered with the environment in mind. Their unique attributes not only reduce dust and pollution but also ensure that the delivery of bulk material is a cleaner and safer process.

With RadianSkip, we’re not just transforming bulk material handling; we’re setting a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and environmental consciousness. Join us in revolutionising the way materials move from source to port.

External Dimensions of the RadianSkip

Length: 6,680 mm
Width: 2,460 mm
Height: 1,350 mm
Gross Weight: 23,000 kg
Tare Weight: 2,465 kg

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Products that work

RADIAN Engineering offers expertise in the design and manufacturing of cost-effective solutions for mining, mineral processing, bulk material handling and ports.

Our experience, efficiency and quality-driven products deliver superior solutions to our customers.

Our product portfolio includes vibrating screening solutions, vibrating feeders and bulk material handling skips and containers.

All products are supported by a full complement of related spares and accessories available from Radian Engineering.

Rapid turnaround on production

Maintenance and service throughout Southern Africa

Local design and production

Join us in bulk material handling with RadianSkip

Trust Radian Engineering’s decade of expertise for seamless, efficient material transport from source to port. Discover the reliability and environmental benefits of our innovative RadianSkip. Partner with us and set a new standard in the industry. Contact us today to transform your bulk material handling operations!

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