“A passion for excellence underlies everything we do. From concept to completion, Radian Engineering delivers expert solutions.”

  1. Our success in ‘getting it right the first time” lies in the initial engagement with our customers. Gathering information and understanding their requirement is vital to delivering a successful product to our customers.
  1. Our professional team of Engineers and designers are highly proficient at delivering optimised designs. Radian Engineering designs are not only functional and robust but industrialised for efficient manufacture and performance.
  1. FEA, Fatigue Analysis and Discrete Element Modelling are performed on our designs through the use of sophisticated engineering design software.
  1. Precision manufacturing to precise tolerances using quality-driven processes and tools.
  1. Experienced implementation teams ensure the correct construction practices are used during on-site installations.
  1. Defined maintenance schedules ensure the Life-cycle and endurance of the Radian Engineering products.

Conceptual design to industrialised products

Structural Engineering Design

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) (Material flow simulations)

Fatigue analysis

Kinematic and dynamic simulations


3D Printing

Manufacturing drawings and data packs

DMR Approved Structural Audits

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