The importance of maintaining your machinery, using approved quality spares and infrastructure audits to ensure optimal performance and lifecycle

May 1, 2022 | Radian Spares and Accessories

Following on from our feature regarding the Nine things you need to know regarding vibrating screens we will discuss the importance of maintaining your machinery, using approved quality spares and infrastructure audits to ensure optimal performance and lifecycle.

As subject matter experts in the field of engineering and screening we provide our clients with a holistic approach for the use, care and maintenance of the equipment and solutions we provide. Our involvement in the plant and the machinery extends throughout the product lifecycle, from design to maintenance. As with the initial design of the equipment, we are involved in the definition and scoping the maintenance plans. Training and support are provided to the operations staff when performing scheduled maintenance or during upgrades and when installing new spares.
Due to the frequency with which plant management and supervisors are rotated throughout the mining operation we have found that it is highly beneficial to our clients to perform a comprehensive structural audit of each plant’s vibrating equipment. This ensures knowledge transfer between the different operations management and provides a continuity of existing projects and future planning for the site.
We perform complete structural audits of the plant’s vibrating equipment including the screens and feeders. During the audit the equipment is tested, measurements are taken and the health status of the equipment and surrounding supporting structures is evaluated. The findings of the various tests and recommendations regarding the optimization of the equipment or the process are included in the Audit Report which is submitted to the plant management.
Since each processing plant has a combination of equipment of varying age and health status the maintenance recommendation will vary accordingly. As previously mentioned, it is prudent the attend to the vibrating equipment monthly. This is significant when considering the motor mounting studs and this topic will be addressed within this series in more detail.
We provide our clients with a service which reduces downtime and extends the lifecycle of Vibration Motors on all screens. The robust mining environment and screens vibrating over 6million times a week, bolted joint integrity with even and accurate bolt load is vital to avoid loosening of the bolted joints. A loose joint can lead to damaged equipment and plant down time or even injury to the plant operators. Radian Engineering have skilled artisans who are trained to use the latest in mobile Torque Tool technology. We secure motors to the screen with exacting precision and within a fraction of the time it would take the maintenance team to secure the motors with a slogging hammer. The reduction in time, increase in accuracy and avoiding injury to the maintenance teams provides a compelling advantage to our clients.
Each time a mine experiences and unscheduled halt to production money is lost. At Radian Engineering we are acutely aware of the importance of agility and responsiveness to solving critical breakdown issues. This may be something as complex as providing a new drive beam or a standard critical item such as screening media, stringers, cleats, studs, or coil springs. As an OEM we have a large stock holding of spares and ensure the rapid turnaround of critical spares for our clients existing equipment.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Radian Screening equipment, Radian Engineering (Pty) Ltd is the sole supplier of all Radian Screens and equipment spares, which are manufactured, to original specification in our facilities throughout Southern Africa.

Our spares stock holding consists of the following:

  • High tensile stud assemblies for vibrating motors (M24, M27, M30, M36, M42).
  • Huck Bolts are available in various sizes.
  • Radian Engineering Coil Springs. The unique identifier of these precision-made, and quality coil springs, is the fact that they are powder-coated red and are complete with quality certification.
  • Nosing rubber for wire mesh screens.
  • Stringers & Cleats – stainless, 3CR12, Zinc plated (Runners).
  • Deck Beams (Stress relieved, machined & rubber lined).
  • Liners / Sideliners. VRN400 and PU.
  • Screening media including PU and steel liners and wear parts.
  • A range of Vibration Motors Drive units, exciter gearboxes, V-Belt pulleys and shafts.
  • ROSTA AG motor base, and ROSTA suspension units.
  • Spray bars, nozzles and manifolds.

In our pursuit of Engineering Success, we only provide quality tested spares and continue delivering our services with Integrity, Reliability and Precision.


Quality tested and industry-leading spares

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